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Flanders Energy is committed to meeting the diverse requirements of our residential and commercial customers. We accomplish this by providing the widest range of products, with competitive rates and and the best customer service in the industry.

Whether your requirements are for natural gas, electricity or both commodities, Flanders Energy can provide you with the right product at the right price.

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Since the late 1990s, consumers have enjoyed the ability to “Choose” their electric supplier. Deregulation unbundled the supply (or the cost that you pay for the electricity) from the delivery of the electricity. This allowed new alternative energy suppliers to compete with the utility for the “Supply” of your electricity. This competition brought new, and different products that are different from your local utility The utility still delivers the electricity, bills the customer and provides emergency service.

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The deregulation of natural gas was similar to that of electricity. The supply and delivery of natural gas was unbundled and now, because of competition, you can choose your supplier and save money on your monthly gas bills. Again, the utility still provides the delivery, billing and emergency service, if required.

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Flanders Energy is committed to providing its customers with the best products at the lowest possible prices. If you sign up for both electricity and natural gas at the same time, we will provide you with better options for your energy needs.

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