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2.1 About

Flanders Energy is an alternative energy supply company (ESCO). We provide electricity and natural gas at low, competitive prices to both residential and commercial customers as a result of the deregulation of energy. This policy was put into place to help prevent your local utility company from becoming a monopoly and overcharging energy supply rates.

Flanders Energy is a privately owned company started by senior executives with several years of experience in the energy sector. Coming from the renewable energy field, we offer a variety of clean energy solutions as part of our overall services and have provided solutions to some of the largest companies in the area as well as to residential customers.

At Flanders Energy, we are committed to meeting the diverse requirements of our customers. We accomplish this by providing the widest range of products, low, consistent pricing and exceptional customer service, making Flanders Energy the premier energy supply company of choice.

About Deregulation

If you are paying too much for your energy supply, then you are one of the millions of consumers who may not have taken advantage of energy deregulation.

The deregulation of energy markets began in the late 1990s. Before deregulation, your local utility was a monopoly. They generated, sold, serviced and delivered the energy. The rate they charged was what you paid.

A typical energy bill has two parts – the supply portion (the rate you pay for the actual energy) and the delivery portion (the rate the utility charges to deliver the energy to your home or business).

Deregulation opened the market to competition and now gives you the option to purchase your energy from any number of ESCOs. The utility is no longer your only option.
This competition among energy suppliers has produced an array of new products and services from which customers are able to choose. When customers participate in energy deregulation, they benefit from competitive pricing.

Regardless of the energy supplier you choose, your current utility will still deliver the electricity, read the meter, provide the billing and emergency service. The only things that changes are the rate you pay and money you save.

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